Isithatha’s mission is to bring a bright new light to a Greater Walmer encompassing Gqebera and the new developments along Victoria Drive and the Buffelsfontein Road.

We seek a radiance that will emerge from the darkness of past conflict, deprivation and ignorance and bring together people from different backgrounds who share a commitment to the arts.

We aim to promote the creation of a multi-functional facility accessible to people from both sides of the ‘Apple Express’ railway track that is suitable for all the arts, including dance, the visual arts, music and drama and that will provide:

  • A workshop/performance space that serves to blend cultures and promote a unique South African brand of theatre free from segregation.
  • A space suitable for small audience groups, complete with craft centre, art gallery, sculpture garden, refreshment kiosk, coffee shop and a shop for tourists.
  • Rehearsal facilities for artists.
  • Training programmes for playwrights, dancers, performers, musicians etc.
  • Employment opportunities for artists, performers, administrative personnel, publicists, maintenance workers etc.
  • A tourist destination that can generate income and where tour groups can witness various types of South African performance, exhibitions etc.
  • Opportunities to preserve and share the histories and traditions of our various cultural groups through dramatic storytelling performances of the events of the past.
  • Arts Festivals that promote all of Isithatha’s goals for the Greater Walmer.
  • Synergy with other local and regional Arts initiatives (e.g. at the Red Location Museum complex).
  • A spark to ignite enthusiasm for the arts amongst young people from schools in the greater Walmer area.
  • Cooperation with other interested groups (e.g. the Apple Express Railway enthusiasts).
  • Healthy entertainment for people from and beyond the Greater Walmer.