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THE ISITHATHA THEATRE is currently raising funds for FOUR Performers to visit Milwaukee, USA in September 2015 as the second part of the Cultural Exchange that was established between the Renaissance Theatre and Uprooted Theatre (Milwaukee, USA) in 2014. Marti Gobel, Suzan Fete and Brandy Kline brought the show “Neat!” to Port Elizabeth and conducted workshops with local actors as well as performing for local audiences. This visit was a great success and our local actors were so inspired by our visitors.

Isithatha plans to take “Heugh Road Blues” – (an original play written in workshop style by a few writers, including Gift Buqa and Phambili Ngcanyisa.) – to be performed in Milwaukee. The actors and director will conduct workshops in the area, focusing on African styled workshop theatre and traditional performance styles.

It is hoped that this Cultural project can provide opportunities for actors on both sides of the Atlantic to exchange performance techniques and ideas.

Isithatha is committed to creating a unique blend of theatre that reflects the diversity of our country (South Africa). Please support us with your donation to assist us in making this project successful.

All donations, big and small are welcomed.